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Successful Prospecting in Sales

Written by bluelook. Posted in Marketing

 What Is Prospecting?

Successful Prospecting in SalesThroughout this ebook, you’ll be getting some techniques, tools, and advice on how to be successful at prospecting as part of your sales process. But what exactly do we mean by prospecting? We mean the act of researching, contacting, and beginning conversations with potential customers. Without prospecting, there would be no sales profession.

When you are doing prospecting well, you are helping a customer to solve a problem, access a new area of business, or become more efficient by matching the customer’s needs with a product or service that you offer. Yet some people have a negative attitude when it comes to prospecting in sales. They are concerned that they will be wasting time, that they will be perceived as a nuisance, or that they simply won’t get the results that they were hoping for. But by following the advice in this ebook, you can learn to view prospecting as an opportunity rather than a chore.