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Sales Presentation Techniques

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 What Makes a Presentation?

Sales Presentation TechniquesYou might think of a sales presentation as those formal, visual presentations that you give in front of a room full of members of the staff of the company you are hoping to land as a new customer. Just you and a PowerPoint and a laser pointer, facing the room and hoping to land the sale. While it’s true that these are sales presentations, in the simplest terms, a sales presentation occurs anytime that you interact with a potential or existing customer. You are continually representing yourself, your product, and your organization when you call, write to, or speak to your customers. Learning to do so well will help you make effective, successful sales presentations.

 Understanding the Sales Process

The first area we’ll look at in this ebook is the general sales process and how sales presentations fit into that process. You’ll see that significant effort is required before the sales presentation in order to help your presentation be successful, no matter what format it is made in. You’ll need to research your target organizations and prospects, identify what their challenges are, then determine how your products or services can answer those challenges or deal with those problems. You must have all of this information before you can reach the sales presentation step.

Negotiating Sales

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Overview of the Ebook

Negotiating Sales1When you think about negotiating in sales, what comes to mind? Is it a formal, well-attended event with the heads of organizations on each side of a table, or is it an informal conversation between you and a customer? Does it happen only at the end of the sale, or is it an ongoing conversation through the entire process? No matter how you have imagined negotiating or how you have experienced it, at its root, negotiating is the means through which you demonstrate that you are committed to maximizing value for both your organization and the customer’s organization.

When we talk about value, we are talking about return on investment – in whatever form it takes

In sales, when we talk about value, we are talking about return on investment. This is what helps you to lead a customer to an agreement – reminding them of the savings that they will receive in return whether in increased revenue, decreased expenses, or increased productivity.

To be able to negotiate well, you need to understand how negotiating is related to the basic sales process. Then we’ll discuss what to do to prepare for negotiating, some guidelines for the negotiations process, how to overcome objections, how to reach an agreement, and what to do once the negotiations are over.

50 Ways to lead your sales team

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marketingWe have all worked for different managers in the past, some good, some bad, but now it’s your turn.YOU are the Leader.

What will you do differently?

This is the question I asked myself with when I first became Manager of a Sales team. I knew what didn’t want to do.

I didn’t want to focus purely on the task, I didn’t want to mislead people,

I didn’t want to treat people as an extension of the task,

I didn’t want to view others as the obstacles to achieving my goals, I didn’t want to be controlling,

I didn’t want to hold people back and most of all I didn’t want to miss targets!

There were too many managers I had worked for in my sales career that had taken these approaches. Motivation and respect were in short supply, with their management careers tending to be short lived. There had to be a better way to manage people to achieve results and maintain an enthusiastic and motivated sales force.

Successful Prospecting in Sales

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 What Is Prospecting?

Successful Prospecting in SalesThroughout this ebook, you’ll be getting some techniques, tools, and advice on how to be successful at prospecting as part of your sales process. But what exactly do we mean by prospecting? We mean the act of researching, contacting, and beginning conversations with potential customers. Without prospecting, there would be no sales profession.

When you are doing prospecting well, you are helping a customer to solve a problem, access a new area of business, or become more efficient by matching the customer’s needs with a product or service that you offer. Yet some people have a negative attitude when it comes to prospecting in sales. They are concerned that they will be wasting time, that they will be perceived as a nuisance, or that they simply won’t get the results that they were hoping for. But by following the advice in this ebook, you can learn to view prospecting as an opportunity rather than a chore.

Sales planning

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  Introduction to planning

sales planningSales planning is an activity, or a set of activities designed to begin the salesperson to move towards achieving his, or her goals. All planning is by its’ nature imperfect, but as Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th US President and ex Army General once said of planning, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning indispensible.” Effective planning requires the salesperson to put in a lot of thought, effort and hard work, but the effort is worth it in the long run. I want to demonstrate to you, in this book, that planning is simple and can be easily built into your routine.

Most salespeople, when you look at the amount of turnover they are responsible for, are running the equivalent of a small to medium business. When you begin a small to medium business the first thing your bank manager asks is to see your plan. This is why I now encourage all my delegates on the sales courses I run, to go away and write their sales plan and go and sell it to their manager. (Sales manager in this case, rather than bank manager!) Let’s think first why planning is important.