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Negotiating Sales

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Overview of the Ebook

Negotiating Sales1When you think about negotiating in sales, what comes to mind? Is it a formal, well-attended event with the heads of organizations on each side of a table, or is it an informal conversation between you and a customer? Does it happen only at the end of the sale, or is it an ongoing conversation through the entire process? No matter how you have imagined negotiating or how you have experienced it, at its root, negotiating is the means through which you demonstrate that you are committed to maximizing value for both your organization and the customer’s organization.

When we talk about value, we are talking about return on investment – in whatever form it takes

In sales, when we talk about value, we are talking about return on investment. This is what helps you to lead a customer to an agreement – reminding them of the savings that they will receive in return whether in increased revenue, decreased expenses, or increased productivity.

To be able to negotiate well, you need to understand how negotiating is related to the basic sales process. Then we’ll discuss what to do to prepare for negotiating, some guidelines for the negotiations process, how to overcome objections, how to reach an agreement, and what to do once the negotiations are over.