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Closing the sale

Written by bluelook. Posted in Marketing

General principles of closing

Closing-the-saleThere have been a lot of books written about closing the sale. Like a lot of self-help books they promise great results with minimum effort. Like self-help books on losing weight, getting fit, being more successful with the opposite sex, being socially more successful, they seem to offer simple solutions to those things in life that concern us.

Who wouldn’t want to be slim, fit, attractive, successful, confident and at the same time close more sales?

The problem is, if you want these things, unless you are very lucky, it takes a lot of effort and application. It requires self discipline and a planned approach if we are going to achieve the desired outcome.

I have trained many thousands of salespeople since I started my Sales Training business in 1989. In that time have met quite a few natural salespeople who seem to have inherited a god-given gift that enables them to close sales with ease and never seem to struggle with their targets.