Successful Prospecting in Sales

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 What Is Prospecting?

Successful Prospecting in SalesThroughout this ebook, you’ll be getting some techniques, tools, and advice on how to be successful at prospecting as part of your sales process. But what exactly do we mean by prospecting? We mean the act of researching, contacting, and beginning conversations with potential customers. Without prospecting, there would be no sales profession.

When you are doing prospecting well, you are helping a customer to solve a problem, access a new area of business, or become more efficient by matching the customer’s needs with a product or service that you offer. Yet some people have a negative attitude when it comes to prospecting in sales. They are concerned that they will be wasting time, that they will be perceived as a nuisance, or that they simply won’t get the results that they were hoping for. But by following the advice in this ebook, you can learn to view prospecting as an opportunity rather than a chore.

Content Marketing

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Introduction to Content Marketing

2In an increasingly online world, marketers have turned to different genres on the Internet to keep current customers and bring in new ones. Not only is it a good strategy, it is necessary for a business to stay alive and keep the competitive edge. Whether a company uses a website, social media, blogs, or email, it is essential that it uses all of these tools and exploits them for all the benefits that they offer.

Content is king as they say, and in the online marketing community,you will learn how important it to utlilize content to inform,educate,and boost your credibility and comnection with consumers.

What aspect do these tools share in common that is imperative for a successful Internet marketing strategy? Yes, you can find them all online, but there is one other thing that they all share in common. The answer might not be obvious at first, but we guarantee that even if you don’t know, chances are, you already engage in it if you already have an Internet marketing strategy.

Basic Selling Skills

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 Overview of the Ebook

1What do you think of when you think of someone with good sales skills? Do you think of someone who is a smooth talker, who schmoozes with their customers, and who is focused only on pushing their product? If so, you’re not thinking of someone with good sales skills. Sure, they may occasionally be good at making the sale. But what about making the next sale? Or what about keeping the customer long-term?

How would you feel about becoming someone who helps people solve problems by offering them solutions that meet their needs? At its essence, this is what sales truly means.

We tend to have a picture in our minds of what being a salesperson involves – not all of it positive. Plus, some of us may think we would not make good sales people because we can’t see ourselves cold-calling, prospecting, or being good at closing the sale. But in this ebook, we’ll be looking at sales from a different point of view. How would you feel about becoming someone who helps people solve problems by offering them solutions that meet their needs? At its essence, this is what sales truly means.

Internet Marketing Strategies

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 marketingThe Internet has drastically changed the way that companies design their marketing strategies. Whereas marketing may have once been limited to a specific geographical area,   the Internet has meant that marketing strategies and targeted demographics can be greatly widened since the web knows no true geographic boundaries. At the same time, the easy access of the web also means that your competition has changed as well. Before you might have had one or two major competitors in town; now you’re competing against everyone who has a website.

Still, that’s not all bad news. Particularly if the competition doesn’t fully understand how the rules of Internet marketing are different from the rules of traditional marketing. With this ebook, you’ll learn the basics of Internet marketing and how you can use that information to stand out from the competition. But first, let’s start with a basic review of what we mean by marketing and its related activities.

Tie Your App into Trends and News

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trend-newsTrends are always occurring around the world; look no further than the Internet or cable news stations for ideas. Here are some trend ideas to help you get your thought process moving:

Going green

Look for opportunities in this space on how someone can use an iPhone/iPad app to make a difference in the world. How about an app that helps you drive more economically or an app designed to help you reduce your cost of heating or cooling. An example of such an app is shown in Figure 2.4 and capitalizes on the very popular “green” trend. Other green areas that you could consider include how to save water, make your own cleaning supplies, composting, recycling, walking and biking instead of driving, and so on.

Sales planning

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  Introduction to planning

sales planningSales planning is an activity, or a set of activities designed to begin the salesperson to move towards achieving his, or her goals. All planning is by its’ nature imperfect, but as Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th US President and ex Army General once said of planning, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning indispensible.” Effective planning requires the salesperson to put in a lot of thought, effort and hard work, but the effort is worth it in the long run. I want to demonstrate to you, in this book, that planning is simple and can be easily built into your routine.

Most salespeople, when you look at the amount of turnover they are responsible for, are running the equivalent of a small to medium business. When you begin a small to medium business the first thing your bank manager asks is to see your plan. This is why I now encourage all my delegates on the sales courses I run, to go away and write their sales plan and go and sell it to their manager. (Sales manager in this case, rather than bank manager!) Let’s think first why planning is important.